Some of the stories I’ve written, a few of them are true, some bend the truth a little and some are just total fiction. I hope you find some that you enjoy, and leave me a comment if there is a story or two you would like for me to expand on or a certain scenario you would like explored. – Literotica – Alaska7

“So, did you get enough sleep last night?” Bob asked with a grin.

“Yea, well, I did pass out for a while there I guess.” I said, starting to feel myself blush a little.

“She’s a hot little fuck, a real cock hound if there ever was one born.”

I must have had a mighty strange look on my face about then as Bob smiled and handed me a pair of gloves. “Look, I don’t mind you fucking Cindy any time you want, but when you fuck her here and eat my vittles I expect to get something out of it too, so put on those gloves and help me load this truck. You do know how to pitch bales, don’t you?”


Places we have got off on before and highly recommend…

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